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Midwest Astrology Conference
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June 2 - 5, 2011
Crown Plaza, Cleveland South
5300 Rockside Road
I-77 & Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio
Special Keynote Speaker
and Pre-Conference
with Rob Hand
Rob Hand Workshop Thursday, June 2, 10 AM - 5 PM
Dealing with Difficult Chart Combinations
It is not enough to tell clients that they can overcome difficult combinations by free will. We need to provide strategies and concrete behavioral suggestions as to what to do. Each planet and combination has modes of living in which the energies of the planets can be made to work positively. Often the problem is that the individual has either 1) not thought of the an appropriate alternative way of living, or 2) has been brought up not to recognize its possibility. This workshop will use the charts of the attendees to demonstrate the methods which are drawn from both modern and traditional astrology.
Conference Fee only $195 before April 1 and that includes the Saturday Night Banquet!
Faculty 2011
Early Bird Specials: Before March 1

Conference Fee $195, includes the Saturday Night Banquet!
$225 After March 1

Rob Hand Pre-Conference Workshop $ 95
$ 110 After March 1
Dianne Eppler Adams
Geri Bellino
Monica Dimino
Pat Geisler
Rob Hand
Jacqueline Janes
Joan Kendig
Brad Kochunas
idwest Astrology Conference
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